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ZhongDian House Energy Participated in The Saudi Energy Show KSA 2023

In the busy month of October, the annual Saudi Energy Show KSA 2023 kicked off as scheduled. ZD house energy set foot on the soil of Saudi Arabia for the first time, taking the first step in promoting solar products in this important country in the Middle East market. 

Although the exhibition only lasted for two days, we received unprecedented good feedback: a record of 92 customers received by a single person in a single day was launched at this exhibition. Visitors expressed high recognition of our products, and all 20 sets of samples were sold out, and orders were extended after the exhibition. Inquiries and sample order requests were received from visitors one after another after the exhibition 

The most popular product at the exhibition is a low-power portable charger. Visitors said that during the winter in Saudi Arabia, a large number of people will go to the desert center for vacation. A low-power portable charger can effectively provide them with sufficient basic electricity needs. , matched with foldable solar panels, the picnic and travel time can be greatly extended. 

At the same time, the complete solar system + water pump combination is also a direction that visitors are interested in. It can be used on private farms to provide more convenient water needs.  

Through this exhibition, we are very optimistic about the future development potential of solar series products in the entire Middle East market, and will focus on this market to conduct in-depth customer exploration and promotion.